Testimony about Music4ROM

Jakub Krajňák, guitarist: “Paco Suarez has taught me to feel the piece played and to engage my imagination,” says Jakub. Anita Balážová, singer: “I rid myself of problems with breathing and articulation when singing.” Nikola Šoltésová: “ What I learnt is that music comes from within, it is about emotions. In our heads, we have to create a story to each… Read more →

Jorge Chaminé talks about Music4ROM

As a musician and teacher, I have long attempted to work out what we might consider as the European musical identity. As I gained experience, I came to realize that many roots originated from “elsewhere” and that the history of the European continent had been forged from time immemorial through mixing, interbreeding, dialogue and blending of cultures, with hard artistic… Read more →

Music4ROM workshop arrived in Barcelona!

Last January the Music4rom workshop began in Barcelona. The High School Cristòfol Colom has welcomed our project with great enthusiasm. Every Wednesday morning, the first grade students participate in the proposed activities. At the beginning, participants discovered the richness of the Romani music, knowing different music styles in Europe and its common characteristics. Then we moved into the world of… Read more →